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Custom Milling

Our custom milling rate is $100 per hour, plus $15 for every time we encounter metal in the logs.  Running into metal will damage the saw blades and requires us to stop processing and address the issue.


In general this works out to approximately $1 per board foot of lumber produced when sawing four quarter thickness boards.

It's generally accepted that the optimal approach is to cut the tree down (fell) on day one, buck and seal the logs on day two, and have them milled on day three.  While this may be an ideal schedule please don't worry too much if you need to add extra time to the process.  We have had beautiful results from trees cut down more than two years before being milled.

Regardless of when you choose to have your logs milled it is a good idea to store them off the ground and seal the ends with AnchorSeal or a similar product as soon as possible to prevent checking.​

Call us today to discuss your custom milling needs!

A Log To Lumber

A Log To Lumber

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